We had quite the first anniversary celebration — no cards, no flowers, just a hot sweaty fly fishing date and new patio furniture. It went a little something like this:

• 8 AM kettlebell

• A stop at Wal-Mart / Apparently you need a fishing license for one day of “casting” (I didn’t actually catch any fish).

• A sorry excuse for a picnic / It was hot, there wasn’t any shade and Jay only lasted about five minutes before his excitement got the best of him. So much for that romantic idea.

• Fly fishing / Yes, I put on waders and boots that were a few sizes too big and went fly fishing with my husband. It was good day, but I think I’ll leave the fishing to him. I couldn’t stand watching him take the fish off the hook. It just seems mean.

• Hail damage assessment / Are you thinking, “what (the) hail is she talking about?” Fair question. You see, we had a bad hail storm last April, but in the midst of wedding prep I was just too busy to worry about it… and then I decided I was too busy to worry about it for the next 12 months too…

• Date at Montage / I put on a fancy dress, made Jay change out of his Teva flip flops and away we went. Notice something different? Ah, yes, the short hair is something new. It hasn’t been this short since Junior High, which is scary. Some days I have traumatic flashbacks, close my eyes and will my hair to grow as fast as possible. Other days (I think) I rock it and life is good. 😉

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• Trip to Family Video

• Home by 9:30 / Did I mention Jay had to ask the waitress how to use Snapchat? Yep, we’re basically 80.

– – –

May 31, 2013

I began reminiscing about all of the things leading up to the wedding and the amazing day we spent with our family and friends. Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

053113_0107 053113_0064 053113_0552 053113_0294 053113_0354 053113_0615 053113_0695

 The Tables

We had so, so, so much help pulling this wedding off. My Grandpa made the wood planters, my sister stained them. My Dad hurt his back cutting up logs for the table numbers and centerpieces, my Mom and Jay cleaned them up, Kristen painted the numbers. Jay’s Mom made the napkins and the BBG gals helped make the tissue paper flowers… the list goes on and on.

053113_0002 053113_0181 053113_0182


All of the arrangements were done by Adam Covington of Covington & Co. As much as I would have loved to set up the entire place, there was just no way to make that happen. I knew we were in good hands with Adam.

The Cookies

I was so happy we were able to pull this off. We had a pre-wedding cocktail hour with wine and cookies. These bags were a pain to print, but I loved that we were able to share some family favorites. Gabrielle was passing out Great Uncle Wayne’s molasses cookies.


The Tags


This seemed like a genius idea — buying and painting wooden disks would be far cheaper than spending endless amounts on glassware. Plus, it doubled as a placecard. However, they took a lot of coats of chalkboard paint… and then the chalk didn’t actually work because we couldn’t write small enough to fit the names…

The Cupcakes

Thank you, Scratch and Mike Valant. If you haven’t tried Scratch, you have to go. NOW. My reccommendations: Sully, Samoa, Turtle and Puppy Chow.

The Book

I didn’t want a traditional guest book. What do you do with a bunch of names? Instead, I created these fill in the blank cards. Note to anyone getting married soon, if you like this idea, make sure you either have a host/hostess to point people to the guest book area OR leave the cards on the table. Unfortunately, we only ended up with about 40 cards filled out (from our 250 guests).

053113_0037 053113_0038


The (better) Bar

Ham Porter: Hey, you want a s’more?

Smalls: Some more of what?

Ham Porter: No, do you want a s’more?

Smalls: I haven’t had anything yet… so how can I have some more of nothing?

Ham PorterYou’re killing me, Smalls. These are s’mores stuff, ‘kay? Pay attention. First, you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow. When the mallow’s flaming, you stick it on the chocolate. Then you cover it with the other end. Then, you scarf. 

Best. Idea. Ever.



The Couch

This couch was amazing, but this photo is better. First, check out how awkward we look. Funny thing, my dress didn’t really allow me to be comfortable in any position besides standing (why didn’t my Mom make me do the sit test in the dressing room like she did when I was little?!). Jay couldn’t figure out how to sit because I was so immovable — don’t mess up the hair, don’t catch the earrings, don’t rip the dress. And then we have little Miss Clara scarfing something on the left side of the photo. Priceless.

This photo is slightly better, but overall, the couch photos didn’t turn out nearly as awesome as I had hoped. I guess that’s what I get for buying a dress like that.


See those big balls of baby’s breath? This started out as a good idea too; until I realized that the styrofoam balls I bought were too big and I was about 25 bunches of baby’s breath too short. And there was glitter everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I still see sparkles in my car sometimes. Glitter is seriously the herpes of crafts. You just can’t get rid of it.

The Party

Thank you to our best-est friends for celebrating with us.


053113_0429 053113_0427 053113_0421