Six Months

I have pages of notes from the last six months, but I can’t seem to find the time to get them posted. So instead of continuing to let them pile up, I’m just going to start here. Maybe I’ll catch up some day.

Thought 1

Pretty sure she peed on the carpet this morning at 2:30 am (during her 2nd poopy diaper change) and I just covered it up with a blanket and pretended I didn’t see it.

Thought 2

Her pooping is out of control (four times in 12 hours). It’s been like this all week…like, I’ve never, ever seen this much poop. On her. On me. On everything. I’m blaming it on teething. That has to be it, right?

Thought 3

I’ve created a monster. In my attempt to be a cool, go-with-the-flow parent, I failed to establish a nap routine. As a first-time mom, I think this has been the hardest thing to figure out because I’m not with her every day. BUT, I have tried very hard to establish a bedtime routine, and that hasn’t done shit. (Yes, you guessed it, she’s still not sleeping through the night).

Thought 4

I’m so tired. For the first time in six months I’m actually feeling exhausted, and a little hopeless. I’m not sure I’ll ever see eight hours of sleep again.

Thought 5

EJ is three days shy of sixth months and weighing in at 13.2 lbs and 24.25″. She’s going to be in her 3-6 month clothes until March. I guess we’ll be rocking sweater dresses in May (since her 6-12 month stash is all winter clothes).

Thought 6

There are nursing pads all over the house—in the washer, on the nightstand, stuck to my foot—and I’m so over it.

Thought 7

Pampers diapers are so expensive… but they might be worth it, if it means I don’t have to spend every morning scrubbing poop out of her pajamas.

Thought 8

Mom guilt is real. I still don’t like watching her leave for daycare in the morning.

Thought 9

I’m super sorry if I’ve become the smelly kid. Sometimes I can’t even remember the last time I showered.

Thought 10

I know I’m biased, but she’s so cute I can hardly stand it.


Thought 11

I’m drowning in puke-covered laundry. Part of me thinks I should double my wardrobe (so I don’t have to worry about it). The other part of me thinks I should cut it in half (and force myself to do it more often).