Greetings from the Cabin

I’m in the middle of nowhere, in a deer-themed cabin, with minimal internet access and zero cell service. Yes, I said deer-themed, the one next door is moose-themed. The artwork is atrocious, unlike this West Elm print, which I actually find charming. And despite the ill-placed, crooked art, I think the deer curtains and John Deere green blinds take the cake. No, wait, I forgot about the musty smelling deer shower curtain. That wins. However, I could probably look past all of this if our bed didn’t feel so similar to the carpet-covered cement floors. Our memory foam has made us bed snobs. Even Jay said he would rather sleep on the shady looking couch.

On the upside, there aren’t any bed bugs.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from the Cabin

  1. For some reason I am just now seeing this post, but I’m dying at all the memories of that place, you did forget to mention all the fun we had!!?!?!

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