Items for Sale

Natural Stained Cedar “Planters” (25): $10/piece

I say “planters”, because we call them that, but they have no bottom. So… planting anything in them would be fail. BUT, we used them as decoration around our square glass vases. I have two sizes: 10 @ 6x6x6 (We used these around 4x4x20  glass vases — these held our tall arrangements and the wood covered the bottom six inches.) and 15 @ 8x8x.6.5 (These held 6×6 glass vases with our short arrangements.)

(Sold) Grey and White 10×10 Chevron Napkins (300+): Will sell in sets of 100 for $75 or all for $200

We wrapped these in twine and put a little tag on them. They made the place setting pop and added pattern to an otherwise boring white table setting. If you would like the template for the tag or the thank you card underneath let me know. I can put in your name/dates and send you the pdf for $15.


“Mr and Mrs” 6″ woods signs: $10

We used these for our signature cocktails. Mine was a Malibu/Peach Schnapps/Vodka concotion and Jay’s was a drunken Arnold Palmer.

(Sold) Various Sizes of Wood Slabs (50+): Will sell all for $75, or $2/per slab

Not so glamorous here, but I swear these looked better on the tables. We combined various sizes with candle filled mason jars and and some single stems. So pretty!

Clear Glass Wine Bottles (39): $50

We tied twine around these and used them as water pitchers, but there are so many other fun things that could be done with them! Paint them a metallic color, wrap them in vellum…

Hand Painted Wood Table Numbers (1-34): $25

Who wants to spend a ton of money on table numbers? Not me, but they are a necessary evil. Putting together a seating chart was one of the best things we did. It allowed us to control who sat together and what tables were next to each other — people stayed longer because they had familiar people to converse with.

(Sold) S’mores Bar / Gold Planters with Rocks, Marshmallow Jar, Chocolate Jars (4): $60

This was one of the ideas I was most excited about. I freakin’ love s’mores. If I still had the chalkboard I would sell you that, too. I have a different chalkboard though if you are interested…

(Sold) Chalkboard: $20

Large square chalkboard. I’ll even write something new on it if you want. 🙂

(Sold) “Chalkboard” Tags: $30

I have nearly 300 wooden tags that could be painted to work for you! We tied ours around a mason jar with twine.

Mint Green Watering Can and Flower Girl Basket: $5

Spray paint the can any color you want and stick some flowers in there. / The flower girl basket is gold with a large burlap flower.


2 Gold Baby’s Breath Pomanders 30″ (they’re big!): $75

These things were a pain in the a to make, but they looked amazing!

Willing to accept best offer — check, Dwolla, Paypal, bank transfer (whatever). Email me at with any further questions.


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