I found my sole mate at John Lewis

Yes, that’s right, my sole mate. A classic Mary Jane in red patent leather with thick, creamy stitches. It was love at first sight.

About a week after we landed I had a day to myself. I stumbled upon these beautiful things in the John Lewis department store. Which, on a side note, is like a Wal-mart in the sense that it has everything from home insurance (actually, wait, it might have more than Wal-mart) to bathroom fixtures to electric toothbrushes*, but a Nordstrom’s in the sense of quality and pricing. I picked up the shoe, studied the heel, checked the price, and then (despite the warning flag that came on after I did the pound to USD conversion rate in my head) I tried them on. I just couldn’t help myself. And of course, they were lovely. They made my legs look nice. They had a sturdy heel. The strap provided extra support. What more could a girl want?

So after strutting my stuff for a while (just kidding, I’m pretty sure I had sweatpants on), I sat down and thought about the purchase…

Do I really need them? Of course not…

But they are comfortable…

And my old red heels don’t fit anymore…

And this could be the one big thing I buy in England…

But it’s the first week…

And they are expensive…

I wonder if they take Discover?

You see, the only credit card that most places took (without foreign transaction fees) was the one from our joint account. Which meant Jay would absolutely see how much these shoes cost. Considering I’ve seen him wear dress shoes with holes worn through the heels, I figured he just wouldn’t understand.

Unfortunately, John Lewis does not take Discover. So I waited it out. Every couple of weeks I would stop in and check to see if they had gone on sale. I even tried them on a couple more times, just to make sure they were as good as I remembered (and they were, of course). Then one day, three months later, I made my normal loop through the shoe department and found them 25% off.


I had to buy them.

I had shown such discipline.

Jay should be proud of me. I waited THREE WHOLE MONTHS before making the purchase.

I was proud of me.

I brought them back to America where they are sitting in my closet waiting to be worn. It will be like an extra Christmas present when I get home. I’m so excited!

ps I brought my rain boots with me this time and I finally got to wear them (watch out London).

Yay, for the small things in life. 🙂

* It also has wrapping paper, nail polish, shampoo, clothing, ellipticals, computers, kindle cases, tennis rackets, sewing machines, fabric, artwork, blinds, buttons, luggage, candles, crockpots, make-up, fancy watches… It’s unreal. I’m amazed every time I walk in the store.


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