Oxford (Osh-ford) was a pretty little place filled with cute cafes, fabulously old buildings, and well-kept gardens. I have a feeling this will be a reoccurring theme for most places we visit in Europe. History is just different here; it’s old… like Jay… (his birthday was yesterday). 🙂

Side note:

I was looking back through our posts and realized Jay left out a few things we learned at the Crescent House:

Women slept sitting up to avoid ruining their up-dos. And by up-dos, I mean human hair, horse hair and whatever else they could find to stack their beehive at least two feet high. I don’t like to mess up my hair after an appointment either, but there is no way I would sacrifice my sleep for it — priorities, people.

Make-up was made of wax and arsenic. Yes, you read that correctly, arsenic. Hmm… I’m all for “beauty is pain (aka lip waxing… well, let’s be honest, any form of waxing)”, but not for death by make-up. Besides, did you notice the 18th century standard of beauty in your high school history book? Probably not worth it.

They only bathed 1-2 a year.. because they didn’t want to ruin their hair and make-up, of course! Once again, priorities, people — I think I would have chosen un-done hair  and an arsenic-free face in order to not die from my own stench. Then again, maybe the poison would have lessened my canine-like sniffing abilities and I would have been happy as a clam walking around in my own BO. Who knows.


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