A typical Tuesday

Today, I assume, will be a typical day during our stay here in Reading…

We started the day off with a morning workout —  I hate to say this, but it was brutal getting up at 7 am, apparently my jetlag hasn’t subsided. It doesn’t help that I stared at the ceiling for nearly two hours last night while Jay was dead to the world (because he was smart enough to take a sleep aid). This was frustrating on a few counts: 1) I badly want to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. I’m a bear if I don’t get my eight hours. You closest to me know this… some (ahem, Jay) may argue that I am bear if I don’t get 10 hours. 2) Because I ALWAYS (99.9%) sleep well, it’s infuriating when I don’t. Usually I am the one cruising through my REM cycles while Jay is on the couch watching ESPN at midnight. 3) Since we are still slightly out of sync, we are starving at midnight (6 pm CST). I cannot get in the routine of having “American” dinner in the middle of the night. Absolutely not. Hello, wedding dress!

Anyway, the gym is less than a half mile away, which is awesome, but it does have a few drawbacks. The biggest one for me this morning: its smell. I don’t mean to be an uppity American, but dang, there was some serious need for deodorant. Of course, it may also be a by product of the next issue (which is probably worse): nobody cleans their machines or their mats after they are done using them. GOO. I’m so used to Clorox wipes that it felt completely unnatural to leave my machine uncleansed. And those mats, all I could think about was staph infection (I did not do any ab exercises, FYI). Lastly, only a minor complaint from a gym snob, there aren’t any TV jacks for the headphones… and I forgot my ipod in Waterloo. So, on the to-do list: buy a yoga mat, travel size disinfectant, and some magazines.

Next up, a stop at the grocery store, which is in a department store BTW (think Younkers). Crazy, right? But it’s actually really good stuff; there are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic dairy :), and healthy pre-assembled meals. At least I think they are healthy, I haven’t quite figured out the nutrition labels yet. I looked at the “energy” (which I’m pretty sure is the calories) for a slice of bread the other day, and it read 645. I just about crapped my pants since I had 2.5 slices already that day. It’s really good bread, but I need to look into that. I went to the store with a list of four things on it (I actually needed more bread…), but I had two large grocery bags with me. And lists are just general ideas, right? Note to self: filling the bags because it was a better deal to buy three cartons of juice instead of one is not worth it. Unless I want a second work out. Because that made for a really l o n g walk home. The cans of soup didn’t help either…

Then I came back to the flat and got on my computer. The end.

sleep tight, xo


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